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With SendClic, you can create campaigns on Salesforce, "responsive" email marketing templates, including and "tracking" calls to action with Google Analytics as well as creating landing pages ready to convert.

Create your campaign on Salesforce

Salesforce Plantillas Responsive

Email Marketing

Responsive Templates

Real Time Data

With SendClic you'll be able to create your Email Marketing campaigns in the simplest way

SendClic includes a native email marketing responsive template editor on Salesforce 

Real Time statistics that you can check directly from Salesforce

"With Estimadonull's team communication is much easier as they fully understand our marketing needs and they know the technology needed to carry out the project."
- Alberto Monedero -
Head of Digital Area in La Taglliatella

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Salesforce marketing automation
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Salesforce marketing automation

Design your Newsletter within Salesforce

Raise your Conversion Rate on Landing Pages

Collect all the data on Salesforce

And Much More:

Cleaning Emails     Delivery Guarantee

Shipping with Your Own Brand

Easy to Use and Intuitive for the User Without Knowledge of HTML

Suitable for All Mail Clients

A/B Testing

New Results-Based Shipping

Responsive Emails 

Tracking with Google Analytics

Management of Landing Pages

Native WYSIWYG Email Editor on Salesforce

Real Time Statistics within Salesforce

Ownership of the Candidate/Contact as "Sender"

Measure your ROI in the easiest way

Aligning Marketing and Sales

Email Marketing with Salesforce

Email Marketing con Salesforce

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